Tired of sitting all day at work? Try standing!

The concept of standing while you work is nothing new to the busy, almost hyperactive overachiever, business professional. I have seen modifications of bookcases turned into a standing height work station with reams of paper to get the monitor height correct. Yes, the proper technology existed back then, but young business professionals in a down economy didn’t have the scratch to spend on such technology.

Thankfully, office furniture technology has adapted to the concept of standing while you work. We at Caliber Office Furniture have experienced and tested many concepts of height adjustable workstations over the past 5 years. Listed below are concepts that have worked for us and some that haven’t.

Steelcase Walk Station:
Price: $4,539 at www.wayfair.com

The concept is great if you think about it. But who really wants to walk while they work. I did try one of these in our showroom about 7 years ago. I think it was a novelty concept. I found myself checking facebook or surfing the internet while I used the treadmill. I wasn’t able to actually focus on my real work. The tread mill portion stuck out in to the room too far as well.

Pest Control Center

This pest control center was set up for success.